Avoiding Copyright Infringement

How To Avoid Copyright Infringement

Creating, editing and sharing online video is becoming easier than ever.  With user applications, such as the new Vimeo app for iPhones, Web videos can be edited and audio can be added with the touch of a button, right in the palm of your hand. With the added convenience that technology brings, it is important to remember that copyright infringement is still a very serious and potentially costly concern. After Google's acquisition of YouTube, the enforcement of copyright protections on the site is becoming even more stringent.  Videos using copyrighted audio tracks without permission are being aggressively muted or taken down.


So what are some good ways to avoid unintentional copyright infringement?


  • Using royalty-free or stock music and sound effects. Different online stock library services charge varying amounts for music tracks or sound effects, typically on a pay-per-download or subscription-based fee schedule. The audio is then available for use without risking copyright infringement.


  • YouTube's AudioSwap is a free service that allows you to add music to your videos from a growing list of popular artists and licensed songs. It's an easy to use service for YouTube users looking to update their audio tracks.


  • The remaining option to ensure you're avoiding copyright infringement is to obtain permission from an artist's record label. If it's a popular artist or piece of music, expect to pay a high fee to use the music. Obtain stock audio that fits your video's theme and mood.


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