See How Professionals Just Like You Are Using Web Video To Get More Business

Attorney Dave Frees Understands the Power of Web Video

Trust & Estates Planning Attorney Dave Frees works extensively with Jim Folliard, Tom Foster, and the team at Gearshift to create professional videos for his websites. Frees understands the value of answering questions through specifically for potential clients based on the areas of law you practice. Clients, in turn, come to Mr. Frees for help solving their specific issue.

Highlight Your Athletic Talent | Scouting Videos

Jim Folliard and his team at Gearshift create professional quality scouting videos for high school athletes in any sport. Web video has the power to reach potential coaches, schools and teams and we at Gearshift TVhave the equipment and experience to highlight your talent as an individual athlete as well as your role within the team.

Nikon D4 vs. Nikon D7000 | Jimmy Daly:

At Gearshift, we have a team of experts who can help you create high-quality videos using our professional Nikon cameras. Web marketing expert Jimmy Daly reviews the latest in the series of pro cameras by Nikon, the D4, in comparison to the Nikon D7000. In addition to high-quality video, your videos must be optimized for the web for success in your marketing efforts. Gearshift has a team of trained search-engine optimization (SEO) experts who can help optimize your videos so they get noticed on the web.

Don't Wait Any Longer! Why web video is integral to your success.

Tom Foster, co-owner of Gearshift and CEO and President of Foster Web Marketing, explains why video is a necessity for your website marketing. Web video generates leads and clients for your firm or small business. Don't wait any longer! Start seeing results for your marketing efforts with Gearshift.

Professional Quality Green Screen Commercials

Gearshift is based around our unique green screen studio, which can be used to produce commercials for your product, business or service. Our professional spokesmodels are willing to stand in to help produce the best video possible for you.

Breaking News | Reach Potential Clients Fast

Breaking news videos created by Gearshift are designed for lawyers, doctors and other business owners and professionals to reach potential clients. In this video, web marketing expert Jimmy Daly explains how.

On-Location Video Shoots | Vujasinovic & Beckcom, P.L.L.C

Jim Folliard and the professionals at Gearshift travel to your location for comprehensive on-location video shoots, which can produce videos such as employee biographies, office tours, testimonials, and more. This video is an on-location commercial produced at the Houston Personal Injury firm of Vujasinovic & Beckcom by Gearshift.

Client Testimonials | The Todd Law Firm

Lawyers across the nation create professional web videos with Gearshift. Here, Attorney David Todd discusses his experience working with Gearshift, and the ease with which audiences are reached due to the accessibility of the video he creates with FVS.

Professional Video Spokesmodels | Michael Alban

Gearshift offers professional talent to act as spokesmodels in your video if you can't for any reason- if you are not available to travel to FVS, don't have time, or don't feel comfortable on camera. Gearshift TVspokesmodel Michael Alban, or any of our other spokesmodels, will professionally represent you in your videos.