Most lawyers – perhaps reflecting on a youth spent watching reruns of L.A. Law – would jump at the opportunity to shoot their YouTube video in an actual courtroom rather than the cramped confines of their own offices. However, the fact is that shooting in a courtroom presents its own logistical difficulties, not least of which is finding an available courtroom in the first place. If you practice in California, you may be lucky enough to gain access to the courtroom sets used on TV shows (which will, of course, require a significant amount of negotiation). But, if your law firm is located in a state that doesn't allow outside access to its courtrooms, you're out of luck.


Even if you do manage to rent out a (real or fake) courtroom for a day, you'll have to be exceptionally well prepared. Videos shot in courtrooms only really “pop” when you use the right lighting, sound equipment, and video cameras; otherwise, the results can be so dull and lifeless that you'll wish you'd stuck with your office in the first place. You will also need to come up with a polished script—if you're pretending to cross-examine a hostile witness, you'll want to show yourself at your articulate best—as well as actors to populate your courtroom with believable lawyers, jury members, and, of course, a presiding judge.


Does this all sound complicated? It is. But a courtroom setting for your YouTube video isn't impossible to pull off, especially if you avail yourself of the YouTube marketing experts at Gearshift. Call today for a free consultation!

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