Marketing Genius Ben Glass Creates His Videos With Gearshift TV

Ben Glass is considered to be the foremost authority when it comes to marketing for lawyers. He is the founder and driving force of Great Legal Marketing LLC. Lawyers fly across the country to hear Ben speak at his marketing conferences and many of those lawyers join his Great Legal Marketing Mastermind Group simply to have access to his marketing advice.

Ben decided to come to Gearshift TV in Northern Virginia for a couple different reasons.

  1. Gearshift TV is the "only place on the planet right now for the development and marketing of these type of videos".
  2. Gearshift TV has all of the latest equipment. 
  3. Gearshift TV makes creating high quality video easy, affordable, and fast.

So, if the greatest minds in legal marketing are coming to Gearshift TV for their web video production why aren't you? Don't worry you can still use this super effective marketing tool to get the cases you want just like Ben Glass and many other lawyers have. Click here or call us at 877-477-STUDIO to set up your studio time and you can have videos on your website now.


Ben Glass