For an Effective YouTube Channel, Get Rid of Ineffective Videos

Foodies often refer to the "perfect bite" of food. A perfect bite has complex flavor and leaves a lasting impression on the diner. The chef carefully selects ingredients that complement one another and weeds out any that upset the balance of the dish.

The same is true of your YouTube channel. Only the best, most interesting, and informative videos should make the cut. If you crowd your channel with every video you make, you are not creating a clear image of your brand. This can damage the reputation of your brand and decrease the effectiveness of your YouTube marketing campaign. The last thing you want to do is leave a bad taste in the mouths of potential clients or customers.

Cut the Fat

If you have a lot of videos on your YouTube channel that aren't performing well—with few views or short viewing times—this negatively affects the YouTube and Google ranking of your channel and individual videos. Because of this, any good-quality, interesting, and engaging videos on your channel are being dragged down by all of the poor performers on your channel.

People do not come to YouTube to watch a boring commercial about a law firm or software company. Nor will they put up with poorly made video. Users are there to learn something new or be entertained. So filling your channel with the commercials or low-quality videos will be ineffective or even damaging to your marketing efforts.

To be effective on YouTube, you must carefully craft and post videos that people actually want to watch. Your YouTube marketing plan should be in sharp focus before you even think about making or posting videos.

Improve the Flavor of Your Channel

To help your YouTube channel perform better, consider taking down all ineffective videos and adding videos that will advance your brand and improve your rankings. To do so:

  • Show off your stuff. To run a business, you have to know a lot about your field. Don't hide this knowledge. Share it! Making videos that demonstrate your skills kills two birds with one stone—they establish you as an authority within your industry and can give viewers answers to their questions.
  • Give a how-to. Making videos that help answer your clients’ or customers’ questions is an excellent way to prove yourself as an expert. Also, they will appreciate you sharing your knowledge and look to you when they need your goods or services.
  • Entertain with your brand in mind. Lots of people come to YouTube to be entertained, so it's a good idea to take advantage of this. Think about ways to make some of your videos interesting enough for people to sit through and, more importantly, share. Just be sure to keep your brand, company, or product in mind when you make a funny or entertaining video. You want to ensure that the video references and is related to your business and that it's not just a funny video about cats with your business name posted at the end. 

If you need more help creating a crave-worthy YouTube Channel for your D.C. small business, call 703.9621270. Our team offers top-notch D.C. video marketing services and can help you make the most of this powerful tool.

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