Do businesses need to be tracking the ROI on their Web video campaigns?

The answer is “yes”.  You can, and should, track the return on investment (ROI) of your online videos. The great thing is that you can monitor the results of your Web video using real time information.

You’re not just tracking ROI and an actual cost-per-view.  With online video and Web marketing, businesses have an ability to become adaptive to their customers.  The ability to target demographics to location, education and professional interests helps businesses reach new customers. An understanding of who is visiting your website and seeing who clicks through your video creates its own value in terms of your advertising budget, and will help you learn how to turn new customers into repeat customers. 

Gearshift is a DC area video production studio that understands that marketing campaigns should make more than sense in terms of investment.  After creating an accessible, effective video,
Gearshift will provide you with the tools not only to track your ROI, but to build a Web video campaign that maximizes your marketing dollars by using easy to understand reporting and real time feedback.

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