What do YouTube video view counts mean for me?

YouTube allows you and others to see how many times a particular video is viewed by another party. YouTube has the ability to identify irregular playbacks or spam and delete these views from your total view count. Thus, you can be reasonably assured that the number of views shown on your screen is more or less accurate.

While it is would be nice if one of your videos went viral or obtained a really high number of views, it is important to remember that your goal as a local business advertising on YouTube is not to be seen by people all over the world or simply rack up the view counts. Instead, your goal is more targeted. You want the business video that you put on YouTube to attract local customers for your business or clients for your firm.

In addition to views, you want to know where your new customers are coming from. You want to ask how they found out about you. You want to know if the money that you invested in creating a great online video was worth it and is actually translating into paying customers or clients for your business.

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