Social Media Signals Can Greatly Help Your Video's Prospects

The best YouTube videos don't stand alone. They're supported by a virtual web of positive user comments, tweets on Twitter, and “shares” on social networking sites like Facebook—all of which increase the video's exposure and make them more likely to be viewed by an ever-widening audience. How do you tap into the power of social networking? Well, you have to let the process happen organically—but that doesn't mean you can't nudge it along every now and then.

Comments and Shares Help Increase Your Video's Reach

In today's world, most people tend to overshare rather than undershare—which means that, every time they watch a YouTube video that's even the least bit entertaining or useful, they're likely to:

  • Post it to their Facebook page, where their friends can watch the video, “like” it, comment on it, and repost it to their own profiles
  • Tweet about it on Twitter, complete with a working link, so anyone on the Twitter feed can watch the video instantly
  • Add a comment to the bottom of the video, which is taken as a strong positive signal by YouTube and Google and raises the video's search placement
  • Feature the video in their personal blog by providing a link and talking about it, thus disseminating it to a wider viewership
  • Post the video to social-sharing sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, or Pinterest, where a like-minded community of viewers is more likely to appreciate it

Of course, there's nothing to prevent you from commenting on your own video, posting it on your Facebook page, and tweeting about it—that's to be expected, given your stake in its success. But these social signals will only work if more people than you or your immediate family like the video!

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