Do You Hate Commercials? Then Why Are You Putting Yours on YouTube?

Increasingly, internet users watch videos to learn something new or find useful information. They are not satisfied with reading the content on your site. They want to hear it from the expert. This is why it is crucial to the success of your Virginia small business YouTube marketing campaign that you post videos that teach your audience something useful.

Your Video Should Not Feel Like a Commercial

Why do people love DVR? They love DVR because they can skip over the commercials. So why on Earth would they go to YouTube to watch commercials? They wouldn't. If they choose your video from the search results and are hit with a sales pitch, the chances are that they will immediately click away in disgust. You have insulted them and lost a client or customer.

Commercials, especially those for attorneys, most often look and feel cheesy. They are overdone and will do you no favors. What potential customers and clients want from your YouTube video is answers to their questions and an idea of your personality. Do not waste your time or money making a commercial for YouTube.

To keep their interest and earn their respect it's crucial—crucial!—that you answer the questions on their minds. Teach them something new, and they will continue to come to your site and your YouTube channel for advice and information.

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