Have News You Want to Share? Consider Online Promotional Videos


Congratulations on your exciting business news! Whether you have a new product, a new partner, a new location, or made improvements to something that you already have, our Fairfax online video specialists are confident that the change can be a positive one for your business. However, before you see significant positive change, you need to let people know about the changes. 


Five Ways to Communicate with Potential Customers 


You have many options for communicating with your potential customers. You can, for example, consider: 


  • Press releases
  • Online videos
  • Emails to your customer list
  • Direct mailings to your customer list
  • Other promotional activities


All of these options have potential benefits - and some, such as emailing your customer list, can be done with little effort and cost. However, if you are on a budget, then you may have to make decisions about your other product promotional activities. As you make your decisions, we encourage you to seriously consider making online videos. 


Product promotional videos are often a good investment. For a one-time cost (that is probably lower than you think), you can create a great online video that can be seen by an unlimited number of potential customers and show more than you can in other forms of product promotion. 

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