On Camera, Most People Need Makeup

There's something about the word “makeup” in the context of a video shoot that makes business owners (even female business owners) cringe. After all, no one wants to think that he needs makeup to look his best on camera. A typical response to this request (at least from men) is, “I've been going into the office every day for thirty years, and I haven't worn makeup once. Why should I do it just because I'm shooting a YouTube video?”


Well, there are some very good reasons why. As any TV actor or anchorperson will tell you, people simply look different on video than they do in real life. The lighting is harsher, the sets are brighter, and the high-definition video format renders every wrinkle and pore in your skin potentially visible to the viewing audience. Also, people tend to perspire more on camera than in everyday life (usually a combination of nervousness and the heat emitted by high-powered klieg lights), and, by the end of a 60-second “talking head” segment, you may well look like a candidate for a month-long spa vacation.

The fact is that a quick application of pancake or toner may be all you need to look your best on video—it's not as if you need to be fussed over by a professional makeup person for half an hour or have your hair done by a hired professional (unless, that is, you're especially proud of your hair, or your shoot calls for special “makeup effects” like turning into a vampire or werewolf). Questions? Call the YouTube video production specialists at Gearshift (703-962-1270) to learn more today!

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sienna-x 01/16/2013 05:39 AM
A very interesting blog thank you for the post. It is true a lot of people who go for photo shoots especially professional ones will need to where make up. This is not by choice but simply due to the fact that all camera business owners want the person they are shooting to look their best.
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