Social Media? There's Only So Much One Person Can Do

If you're au courant enough to produce a promotional video for your company and upload it to YouTube, you're probably also sufficiently savvy to have a Facebook and Twitter account, and possibly even a personal blog. Your first impulse will be to promote your video on these social media sites, and there's nothing wrong with putting a link on your Facebook page, tweeting about it to followers of your Twitter account, and publicizing it in a blog post. Once you do these things, though, you've pretty much exhausted your social resources—and you have to rely on other people to pick up the slack.

In an ideal world, every single one of your Facebook friends (let's say you have an even hundred) would repost the link to this video on their own pages—and each of their own 100 friends would do the same. Realistically, though, social media isn't as efficient as that, and you'll be lucky if two or three of your friends publicize your video. Still, every little bit helps. And, with a solid video and a little luck, you may find your views (and your placement in YouTube and Google search results) rising accordingly.

What happens if you continually re-post, re-tweet, and re-blog-about your video? Well, it might be emotionally satisfying—but, practically speaking, it will be a waste of time. You can't create a social media tsunami all by yourself. You might even wind up sending a negative signal to YouTube and Google, which are increasingly diligent about distinguishing true popularity from relentless self-promotion. Questions? Call the YouTube video marketing experts at Gearshift (703-962-1270) to find out more today!

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