The basic premise of YouTube doesn’t change. It is a place where you can upload your online videos. However, the details of YouTube change regularly and, if you want your videos to be seen and have the desired impact on your business, then you need to stay up to date.


How to Stay Up to Date on the Latest YouTube Video Trends and News


There are a variety of ways to learn what’s new with YouTube. You can, for example:


  • Read the YouTube Blog. If you don’t already subscribe to the YouTube blog, then you should consider doing it right after you read this blog post.
  • Follow @YouTube on Twitter. Join in the conversation, and learn valuable tips about successful online video.
  • Read the YouTube Handbook. Yes, there is a handbook that may provide useful information to you as you create your online videos.
  • Consult with an online video expert. Your online video specialist will be up to date on the latest YouTube news and trends and, more importantly, how to use the news and trends to your advantage.


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