Super-Optimize Me! Get Big Results with Our Top Five YouTube Tips

Top Youtube Tips

  1. Apply Good Content Rules. If you searched for a video to tell you more about your foot injury, and your results came up with five videos, four of which had errors in their titles and descriptions, and one that was interesting and well written, which would you to pick? There are so few words associated with YouTube videos that each word has to be carefully chosen and free of mistakes.


  1. Choose the Right File Name. Be sure you add keywords to your file when saving it. Don't keep the auto-generated name. Instead, optimize it. For example, if you are a donut shop, name your file “DonutShopInDC”. 


  1. Title Carefully. The title for your video has to appeal to search engines and viewers alike. When natural, add a keyword, but keep the user in mind, as well. For example, try "Amazing Donut Drop at DC Donut Shop" instead of "Dropping Donuts is Super Fun".


  1. Add a Descriptive Description. Your video description should be interesting, free of mistakes, and contain a powerful keyword and the URL for your website. Only the first 160 characters will be displayed "above the fold," meaning that these first few sentences are the only words that will be immediately displayed with your video; make them count! Never make the description a hard sale. People want to watch your video to learn something or be entertained, not to watch a sales pitch.


  1. Tag Your Video. Don't skip this important step, as tags are important to keyword searches.


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