Lessons Learned From the Top YouTubers

As a small business in the D.C. area, your YouTube channel may never reach epic heights of popularity like Google Chrome or Pepsi. With well over 20 million views per month each, these brands are king. However, a new study done by Outrigger Media sheds light on just how the top brands on YouTube were able to achieve such success. So, while your brand may never reach 1 million views, you may be able to edge out the competition in your local market.

  • Few repurposed ads. Of the 315,000 videos produced by the top brands, only 7.4% were re-purposed TV commercials. Tip: Avoid using your TV commercials on your YouTube Channel. Remember that people want to be entertained or informed, not given a sales pitch.
  • High-quality, select videos. Top brands on YouTube don't add videos for the heck of it. Their videos are of the highest quality, and they ensure that any videos added address the desires of their targeted audience. Tip: Before adding any videos to your Channel, make sure the message is focused and the quality is high.
  • Social interaction. In a month's time, the top 1,000 YouTube subscribers generated over 87 million social interactions on YouTube. Each week, the top 1000 YouTube brands average 44,000 Facebook interactions. Tip: It's not enough to embed your YouTube videos on your social media accounts and walk away. Respond to comments on YouTube and your social media accounts—Facebook, Google+, Twitter—for maximum social engagement.

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