YouTube video marketing may be in its infancy when compared to TV commercial advertising. However, YouTube video marketing is a medium that commands your attention because, if you fail to take advantage of this opportunity, your business or professional practice may become as outdated as TV antennae.


Some of the advantages that YouTube may provide for your business include allowing you to:


  • Be found by the people looking for you. Your clients or customers can’t search the TV looking for you. You can try your best to include your commercial at times when people who might need your services may be watching a specific program, but it is not an exact science and people who do need you will certainly be left out. However, when you place a video on YouTube, a person who wants to find someone like you can easily search and find you.
  • Interact with your clients or customers before meeting them. You can provide useful information in a YouTube video that would not work on a TV commercial.
  • Target your local community. When you air a TV commercial, you may be paying for people several hours away from you to watch your commercial. They aren’t going to use your services. However, you can target your local community online to find people who will hire you or patronize your business.


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