There are times when it is best to shoot video right in your home or office.  It’s good to shoot video in a variety of locations especially when you need to respond quickly.  Let’s say you just finished up a case and want to announce the result with a YouTube video.  This is a GREAT idea!  Using a webcam or handheld video camera, you proceed to make a quick video, optimize it and blast it out.  But, hold on!  Did you think about your lighting?  Your composition?  Your audio?  These seemingly small nuances can be the difference between a great and successful video and a flop.  Here are three very easy tips to improve your home videos:

  • LightingNot all light is created equal.  You don’t want direct light from a lamp because it will cast shadows.  Set yourself up near a window and use some natural light in addition to an overhead light.  Test it out before you record the final product.  There is no secret – if it looks good, it is good!
  • Composition – You don’t always want to be in the center of the shot.  Our eyes tend to break an image up into thirds, so follow the rule of thirds and position yourself accordingly.
  • Audio – You know bad audio when you hear it.  If you are committing to web video, get yourself a wireless lapel mic.  It’s a small investment compared to the benefit it can have for your business.

If you aren’t already using web video, shooting video in your home or office might be a good place to start.  If you would feel more comfortable letting the pros handle it, call Gearshift TV today at 877.477.STUDIO or fill out a contact form.
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