YouTube Enthusiasts Have Tons of Leisure Time

You might think a website like YouTube, which is crammed with literally millions of one-, two-, and three-minute videos, is intended for especially busy people who can't devote more than a few minutes of time to the web, but you'd be absolutely wrong. As short as the average YouTube video is, the average YouTube viewer consumes these morsels in bulk, often spending two, three, or even more hours per day watching the latest offerings, posting comments, and sending links to friends.

So, if you want to promote your business or services on YouTube, what does this really mean? Well, it's usually the case that the people with the most leisure time—and the most time to waste searching for videos on YouTube—are also the ones who have higher-than-average incomes. Think about it: if you're a minimum-wage dishwasher at a busy restaurant, you'd be too exhausted after a 12-hour shift to do anything except brush your teeth and go to bed. But, if you're a professional who's in charge of your own schedule, you can afford to allot the time for leisure activities—whether that’s playing golf, watching prime-time TV, or (as is more often the case nowadays) sitting down in front of your computer and surfing the web.

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