YouTube Video Titles: Understanding Character Limits

This month, we have been discussing how to boost the success of your business’ YouTube videos through choosing smart, interesting, accurate, and search-engine-optimized titles. One important thing that you should keep in mind when titling your videos is the length of your titles. 

Character limits vary

When titling your video on YouTube, you have 100 characters to accurately label your video and entice people to watch it. However, when your title appears as a result of a Google Search, it will only show about 70 characters of your title. Because many people find videos through search engines, we recommend that you limit video titles to 70 characters or make sure that the first 70 characters of your video description are compelling and descriptive (and contain keywords). 

It’s a limit, not a requirement

Should you make your titles as long as possible without going over the character limit? It depends. Longer titles are often more descriptive and accurate. Longer titles also give you more room to be creative or enticing. However, if a short title does the job, don’t add unnecessary words to your title. 

Extra room? Consider adding your location

If you only do business in one state, one city, or one region, it makes sense to add a geographical location to your video title. Part of the beauty of YouTube is that it is accessible from every corner of the world—but sometimes, you are more interested in people in California viewing your video than someone in Thailand. 

Get help creating YouTube videos

At Gearshift, we take pride in producing high-quality online videos for businesses in the Virginia and Washington, DC area. If you would like to learn more about our services, or just to talk with one of our team members, call us today: 703-962-1270. 

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