360 Degree Video is a First for YouTube

Apple has released their popular iPhone 4 application “Facetime” for Mac users.  Mac and iPhone users will now be able to video chat with each other when both are connected to Wifi networks.  Previously iPhone 4 owners could only chat with each other, a limited but growing population. 

As we have mentioned before, video chat is extremely relevant to your video marketing.  Not only are Internet users coming to expect web video, the interactive video experience is spilling over into advertising.  Doritos just released the first 360-degree YouTube video.  As you watch the video, you can use your mouse to navigate around 360 degrees.  What affect will this have on Doritos chips and Mac computers?  That remains to be seen, but it is already having an affect on people’s expectations on the web. 

You don’t have the opportunity to speak to every visitor of your site like you would in a store, but with web video, you come very close.  Seeing your face and your product, hearing your voice and the voices of satisfied customers are extremely powerful marketing tools.  Ultimately, you have to provide a good product and strong customer service to succeed in your business.  Web video will put you in front of an audience that you have not yet had such intimate access to.  Your face and voice will literally be in their home.  Don’t take this opportunity lightly. 

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