Create Videos with the Perfect Balance of Branded Content and Entertainment Value

Creating Videos Rich in Both Message and Entertainment Value

Video content continues to saturate the Web- this past October, comScore reported that Web video reached a record number of views- just less than 43 billion in one month! This number is projected to increase at a rapid rate and Web video will continue to reach record audiences in the coming months. It has been estimated that by 2014, 90 percent of web traffic will be video content. So, how can you ensure that your Web video is reaching the widest audience possible?

The most important step in reaching audiences is creating balanced content. It’s clear that many viral videos tend to be entertainment-based; however, there are ways to create entertaining, engaging content that also has a clear, memorable message.  There are ways to brand and market content while keeping the viewer entertained.

Unlike television advertisements, web video marketing allows users to brand content in more ways than one- not only within the advertisement itself, but also all around it- through links, social media, additional videos, etc.

In order to create such balanced content, users can employ a number of tactics:

•    Interactive Videos- viewers respond well to content that they are engaged in- check out YouTube Annotations for some quick and easy ways to create interactive videos.
•    Include Brand in Entertainment- visual incorporation of the brand throughout video- ReelSEO gives this example: Travis Pastrana Red Bull Video
•    Save Branding Until the End of Video- engage viewers with entertainment value and save brand/message for the end of the video – ReelSEO’s example?: Samsung Commercial
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