How to Easily and Effectively Promote YouTube Videos on Facebook and Twitter

YouTube is a powerful tool in and of itself. It is a popular search engine, and its results regularly show up on other search engines. Many people may find you that way if your videos are properly optimized and easy to find. However, optimizing online video is not all that you can be doing. There are other steps that you can take to make sure your videos are seen. For example, you can use social media to promote online video.


Integrate YouTube with Other Social Media Sources


Promoting your YouTube content via other social media sources, such as Facebook and Twitter, does not have to be a complicated chore. YouTube makes it easy for you! Simply go to your YouTube account options and select “activity sharing.” This will tell you how to link your YouTube account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Then, every time you post a new video to YouTube, it will automatically be shared via Facebook and Twitter.


While this resource is helpful, it is important not to let YouTube do all the social networking work. Instead, you should add relevant text with each video promotion so that it sounds natural and convinces your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to watch the video.


Talk to Your DC Online Video Producer for More Tips


YouTube is one powerful type of social media. However, it can be even more powerful when it is optimized and combined with other forms of social media. For more tips on how to promote your online videos to get the viewers, customers, and clients that you want, please contact an experienced Fairfax online video expert today at 877-477-7883. You can also learn more about the importance of YouTube and its possible impact on your business by reading our FREE report Are You a Small Business Trying to Get Found on YouTube?