Build Trust and Increase Business with Online Video

This is an age of scams and skepticism.  Online algorithms are out to capture your cookies, map your mind and sell it to the highest bidder--who in turn is looking to sell you something. 

Is it any wonder that everyone is just a bit paranoid and hesitant to click on any email? Most people are tired of being constantly bombarded by emails and texts that blink, flash, and demand ever more insistently: “buy me, Buy me, BUY ME”.

Trust Is a Rare Commodity

What is the one differentiator between someone looking to “sell” you something and someone who is genuinely trying to help?  Trust. 

Trust is a rare commodity these days…literally worth its weight in gold. 

What if you discovered that there is a way to build trust with your clients—a way that is not only scientifically and statistically proven effective, but also cost effective?  What if you were told that this method of building trust has been shown to increase new client website conversion by 12 percent?  Would we have your attention?

Online Video Builds Trust

Industry experts agree that nonverbal cues, such as body language and tone quality, comprise more than 90% of effective communication.  Online video makes great use of these “subconscious” methods of communication, and it ensures that your message is delivered with the greatest amount of speed and rapport-building efficacy.  Consider the following:

  • Average time visitors spend on websites with only text: 57 seconds.
  • Average time visitors spend on a website with video: 6 MINUTES.

Build Trust and Rapport With Online Video Today

Gearshift can help ensure that your business benefits from the cutting edge brand building power of online video.  For more information, give us a call at 877.477.STUDIO. A dedicated Fairfax web video professional will help to uncover and implement your online video strategy today.