The Impact Web Video Has On Conversion Rates

Customer conversion rates have always been vitally important to the success of a business.  This is no different today, except that it is easier now than ever to measure your statistics online.  The ease and availability of this data allow businesses to identify areas in which they are weak and improve upon them.  Businesses can also measure the success of advertising and marketing campaigns. 

Let’s discuss a few terms that are important to the world of Web marketing before we assess their significance to your company.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - The “findability” of your website to Internet search engines.

CTR (click-through rate) - The number of users who click your link divided by the number of users who saw your link, expressed as a percentage.

Conversion Rate - The number of users who become customers once they have visited your site, also expressed as a percentage.

Okay, now what exactly does Web video have to do with these terms?  Your customers begin their search for your service on Google or Yahoo.  These search engines look for certain things in websites that show up in their results.  They look for current and relevant content, multiple pages within a site and media, like Web video.

The conversion rate measures how many people click on your site via an organic search result or a sponsored ad.  Remember, the better your site and content, the higher it will be in the results.  The last term is the kicker.  The conversion rate measures how many people are actually becoming customers of your business.  You want both a higher click-through rate (more people coming to your site) and a higher conversion rate (more people converting to customers).  Web video helps you accomplish both of these goals! 

Videos on your site will help boost your ranking in search results and they are proven to convert more potential customers into buyers.  By producing your online videos, Gearshift TV can help create more business for you and your investment can measured using the metrics we discussed above. 
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