In our article: “What do the latest online video and YouTube trends mean for your business?", we talk about the staggering trends in online video viewership collected by leading firms and research institutions across the world. 

Online Video = Conversion

Online video means conversion.  What is conversion?  And what does it mean for your business? 
Conversion is a measurement of the percentage of people visiting your website who take or complete a desired action.   For this reason, the conversion rate of a website more accurately measures a website’s actual success in increasing new business than site traffic numbers alone.

New research reveals that website “stickiness”, or time a new prospective client spends on a site, is increased by more than six times on websites with online video than with text alone. 

Not only that: online video increases website conversion by more than 12%.  This means that of all the individuals visiting your site, video will effectively cause 12% more to complete the “desired action”—and become your new clients.  That means more revenues and profits for your business.

Could your company use 12% more business and profit?  We thought so.
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