What do the latest online video and YouTube trends mean for your business?

Online Video—A Clear Cut Revolution by the Numbers

Still not sure why online video is the right thing for your business?  Consider the following statistics derived from studies and data collected over the past several years by numerous leading research firms:

  • The #2 largest search engine in the world: YouTube
  • 25%: number of Americans in the past month that said they watched a short video…on their phone.
  • #3: what Deloitte LLP ranked Web video in a list of the top 10 most influential marketing mediums
  • 84%: U.S. based Internet users who watch Web video
  • 70%: Web video viewership increase between 2008 and 2009
  • 66%: percent of the world's mobile data traffic predicted to be contained in video by 2014
  • 84%: number of U.S. based Internet users who currently watch Web video
  • 11: the number of hours, on average, every American spends watching online video
  • 200 million: number of mobile views on YouTube mobile during 2010
  • 6 MINUTES: average time visitors spend on a website with video
  • 57 SECONDS: average time visitors spend on websites with only text
  • 12%: average increase in conversion ratio of websites using video
  • 180 Million: number of Americans online viewing Web videos—last month alone

More Access, More of the Time
More and more individuals have access to online content.  Through devices like the iPhone, online video is accessible anytime, anywhere. These multiple millions of users viewing online video are a huge population segment you cannot afford to lose exposure to.

We Can Help
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