The Excuses For Not Using Web Video And Why They Are All Bogus

Web Marketing Advice From D.C. Video Studio

Web video has helped many small business owners across the country deliver their message to hundreds of thousands of consumers who otherwise might be unaware of their existence. They are quietly using this marketing medium to crush the competition and keep the phone ringing. It is hard to believe that some business owners have ignored the video revolution that is happening around them.

Some business owners are camera shy and some just can't comprehend how web video will effect the bottom line. The fact is that many people have yet to take advantage of this marketing tool. Here are the top five excuses that small business owners are using to avoid joining the web video movement.

  • "The cost of professional video is outrageous!" - Advancements in video equipment and editing software has made video production much less time consuming for professionals and ultimately cheaper. For as low as $600 you can create a professional marketing video to place on your company website. It would cost you twice that to purchase a quality camera like the one below for your own amateur video production. (that doesn't include the microphones, lights, green screen, editing software, etc...)

Nikon d7000

If you plan on using videography and photography as a marketable skill in the future go for it! (and download this book) It is a fun and complex skill that takes years of practice to perfect. If you are just looking for some marketing videos for your business hire a professional and you will be surprised with just how affordable professional video has become.